Life's Alright

For those coping with depression, suicide or those wanting to maintain a better quality of life.

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Count Your Blessings

The first step to happiness is knowing what you have in life and what you can be grateful for. It's sometimes harder than you think to count your blessings but.. start small. Today I am grateful for my warm bed that I sleep in every night.

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The Parable of the Sand Castles

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I have found that so often we are depressed about the things going on in life and so we get into this rut of negativity that seems like we can never give out!  Choosing to love is the greatest power of all. If it wasn't for love you wouldn't be here, the thing you love and enjoy wouldn't be here, the very device that you are reading this on wouldn't be here because it is love that creates everything around us. If it wasn't for love the Earth would be a barren waste land.

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The Greatest Speech Ever Made

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Is anybody listening?

Is anybody listening?
Does it ever feel like that when you pray there is no one there, no one listening? After you pray and pray your faith and belief systems weaken and you give up hope. It makes sense right? Why pray if you’re not being heard but… what if… you’re not praying properly?

 The practice of prayer is in many religions, spiritual beliefs etc. Sometimes we pray even if we don’t believe or don’t know what to believe but there must be something there if humans have been praying for centuries, millenniums even.

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