Life's Alright

For those coping with depression, suicide or those wanting to maintain a better quality of life. For best results we recommend you start from the beginning (last page) of the articles as each posts may have references to past posts.

Work Life Balance


I hear it all around me, and quite often. "I am too busy", or "Sorry I didn't text I was busy".  A good, positive work life balance is something that is difficult to achieve, especially for entrepreneurs. Without specific and intentional management of this balance – we can be overwhelmed or carried away by the various demands that jobs and lives throw at us and the resulting stress can cause a variety of mental and physical health challenges. Reaching a positive work/life balance can be especially difficult during times when workloads and schedules are increased or altered from your normal routine.

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New Team, New Conflicts

New team, New conflicts
It seems as though many of my friends have, or are starting a business. We move on in our lives and we strive to be the best we can be. To maintain this strong positive outlook and to be our authentic selves. Perhaps this is why we choose to start a business to live and do what we always wanted to do. The sense of freedom, the feeling that we are m...
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