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Your Vibes Attract Your Tribes: An In-Depth Look

Your Vibes Attract Your Tribes: An In-Depth Look

Everywhere around us is negativity. Have you looked at the news lately? A large majority of our news is negative. This house is on fire, this person broke into this, and the traffic sucks, and the weather is mostly gloomy, blah, blah. We are bred into a negative world full of pessimists, reinforcing us to be negative beings, to bring the mood of everyone around us down. Not too mention you go to a job you dislike, your co-worker did something you dislike, and all the negativity just doesn’t end. No wonder this world is stuck on anti-depressants, or coming up with new disorders one after another. This world is in a disorder, and there is only one way out.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “ A positive thought is 100x more powerful than a negative thought”? Some disbelievers would say yeah right! What if I told you there is science to back up this age old myth?

Throughout time we have always been told to think positive, or give love, treat others like you want to be treated; to ultimately raise our vibrations, or vibes. You may have heard, “your vibes attract your tribes”, or you may have met someone new and thought to yourself, “this person gives off good vibes”. The beauty of this is that everything that we know is vibrating to some sort of frequency; even our thoughts and brain waves.

Scientists have been able to measure our thoughts with something called an EEG or: electroencephalogram. (An EEG is used to read brain waves.) If we look into a couple studies done by the Centre of Cognitive Enhancement in Glendale, Arizona, we'll be able to further prove that our thoughts have frequencies; and a positive thought is, indeed, much stronger than a negative thought. This I find super interesting, as it not only helps verify that love is the greatest power that has never failed; but it can get us out of any rut.

Our vibrations we give off can, in times, be so great that we bring others up, or bring them down. Let's say you have two radio stations with the same frequency that you can tune into. One is in Edmonton, AB, Canada and the other is in Calgary, AB, Canada. The transmitter in Edmonton is a new ultra high-powered transmitter that can transmit a station over one thousand kilometers; and the one, in Calgary, can only transmit two hundred kilometers. If we set them to broadcast the same frequency, but have them playing different music, there is a good chance that the radio station from Edmonton may over power the radio station in Calgary. The vibes and frequencies of Edmonton are collectively over powering Calgary’s vibes. Much like the music of the radio transmitters, so are our emotions. If we send out feelings and emotions, others' brains and hearts will pick this up. If we are super negative, or super positive, others will feel this too. If you are negative, others may leave you; if you are positive, others may come to you. In essence, your vibes attract your tribe.

If a positive thought is 100x more powerful than

 a negative thought; then that would mean we can easily bring our negative state of being from the depths of hell up, until we are soaring like eagles in the sky. When we raise our vibes, we not only raise ourselves up, but also collectively raise others' vibes as well. We can feed off each other’s energy to give. We have an infinite ability to love and give love; so why don’t we? If we already know what our negative emotions can and cannot do for us, and we know what it is like to change (from pervious articles), we can use this understanding to do amazing things. I know right now that it is in you, it is in me, and it is in everyone to love.

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