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The Power of Prayer: Is anybody listening?

The Power of Prayer: Is anybody listening?

Some times we feel alone no matter what we do. We may feel like there's something bigger than us yet we aren't sure. Lot in faith we often pray or ask for action from something greater than us. Does it ever feel like that when you pray there is no one there, no one listening? After you pray and pray your faith and belief systems weaken and you give up hope. It makes sense right? Why pray if you’re not being heard but… what if… you’re not praying properly?

 The practice of prayer is in many religions, spiritual beliefs etc. Sometimes we pray even if we don’t believe or don’t know what to believe but there must be something there if humans have been praying for centuries, millenniums even.

If the bible says we are created in the image and likeness of God and he is divine, wouldn’t that mean we have the powers of the divine within us. We all have the ability to use our powers to reach out almost telepathically to greater beings, deities or spirits. Even if in other belief systems / practices like witchcraft they use spells which… much like a prayers have phrases, songs or chants, have intentions behind them (good or bad) and with them we all send out a greater energy to give to the universe, god or other diets as I said above.It’s all the same no matter what you believe.

 Imagine seven billion people reaching out to you at the same time! How do you think one being, one god will be able to hear all those prayers. Do you honestly think he has a call centre in New Delhi with a bunch of tech support operators standing by to answer your prayers? Of course not!

 Don’t be broken hearted though, there’s a way for your prayers to be heard. It’s quit simple actually. Lets consider something first: 

 You and your friend are in a busy mall, your friend says “Hey Person!”, that person will probably not even look at you, they will keep walking. First and foremost everyone has a name, even God has a name and it doesn’t matter on your religion.

 You need to choose who you are going to pray to be it Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother Theresa or many more of the Ascended Masters and saints. These beings are truly loving and truly do care. We must first call upon them.During my research I have found this invocation to work best:

"In the name of the I Am That I Am I call to the heart of (name of Deity)"

Then I state my needs.

I end it with this...

"I accept this now made manifest in the full power of the living God who now declares within my Soul.... I Am Who I Am... So be it"

While you are praying envision what it will feel like to receive the gifts that you are praying for. This way you can give these beings a sense of what you’re going for, what your intentions to the universe are. If you can conceive it, you will achieve it.

As well remember that it may take some time for your prayer to manifest, keep hope, faith and believe in it. As you pray try to give the being a desired time frame but don’t be selfish great things take time. If you don't fully belief in the powers of the universe have some faith and continue to say this verbaly. It is important to accept our selves as we are. Saying this pray does that and more. Reinforce good habits and positive change on step at a time.

 Chances are you’re praying because life isn’t good at the moment but always remember… It’s alright.

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