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Prayers do get Answered

Prayers do get Answered

Here I am, lying on the floor of my room typing another blog post. I realized something today thinking about some previous blog posts: How to Pray and, To Love is to be Alert. It’s funny how some times you can realize the greatest things just by writing.

As I pray I often think about what I want, what strength I need etc. to get me through hardships, or sometimes I pray for other people to get through their hard times but it never occurred to me how the prayer get answered. We just pray and then what?

Prayers are answered in nearly an infinite number of different ways from dreams to a fire truck driving past with its sirens on you to give you a sign. As we pray we must give full thought, intention and love into our prayer and to love we must be alert. Little did I know these two posts play a vital role together to help get everything you want in the universe.

You see, when you ask for help you are giving a question with love and intention and good thought behind it, and so as you give love you receive an answer. Not only is it karma it is law. The Law of Love. As you receive this love though you have to be on the same mental frequency as love, you have to be alert. This is where the article, To love is to be Alert comes in.

You have to be alert and as you are aware your prayers will be answer, some times in the most unconventional ways. Sometimes your prayer can be a fire truck driving past you and maybe the fire truck is a symbol that you have to “fire up your love”. Maybe it’s reading something, hearing something or even dreaming about something. Some times, like me with this article the prayer just comes to you and you know the answer.

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