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Break the Chains: Learn how to Forgive

Break the Chains: Learn how to Forgive

I have been reflecting and thinking lots lately. I have been doing the gratitude challenge that I posted last week and while I was on Day 4 it said, “Write a short message of thanks for some of the ‘negative’ things in your life.” This made me realize something.

This is how to forgive your self. This is how to break the chains of your regret, self hate, disappointment, etc. And be on your way to a better self-esteem and freedom from your own negative thoughts. Have you ever done something you regret; something that sticks with you no matter how big or small? I have and I realized you just have to appreciate the things we do wrong and try to find the good in things. When you find the good, love it! Be grateful for it! Feel it in every part of your being, mind, body and soul! As you do this you will learn to forgive yourself and others.

Forgiving your self and others is apart of your healing process especially if you are depressed or feeling down. We all make mistakes; you’re not the only one. Give thanks and find the good in what ever it is you have done.

If your mind is filled with so many minor details, the little details will distract you and drag you down. This is your chance to heal your self, your relationships and your life.

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