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How to Change according to Neuroplasticity

How to Change according to Neuroplasticity

So, you want to change your self? You want to conquer depression, you want to get rid of your bad habits, or… you just want to change whatever it is about yourself to become the you; The "You" that want to be. 

Becoming the "you" that you want to be seems quite simple but like our gratitude challenge can be challenging at times.  In this post I will explain a bit on how our brain works to help build an understanding of our exercises and how you can put this knowledge to work to greatly benefit yourself and to start the change you so desire today.

You may have heard this company, Luminosity, advertising brain games, which use the science of neuroplasticity to increase your cognitive function. Okay! Cool! But… what is it?

Your brain is created with a grid of neuron pathways; if you looked at your brain through an MRI scan you will see what looks like a grid of wires running through your brain.  Your neuron pathways, much like wires, carry electrical signals throughout your brain to stimulate different cells.

As we live we create habits, good or bad, and our brain will rewire itself to make it as easy as possible to process your daily habits.   Let me ask you some things. Do you go to bed in the same bed then wake up in the same bed, press snooze on the same alarm clock, get out of bed ten to twenty minutes later to shower in the same shower, then go to the same job?  As you do all this was there a lot of thinking involved or did you just do it? I know for myself sometimes I get to work and think,” Wow! I am here already”.  Dr. Joe Dispenza [a brain researcher] says, “ Your brain is a record of your environment”.  Does your environment control your thinking?

Your brain creates a record of its environment and eventually runs its self redundantly. Just like when you turn on your PC there is programs running in the background to help it run a bit smoother. Your brain wired itself this way.  There’s a saying: Nerve cells that fire together, wire together. And so your brain beings to fire in the same sequences and patterns.

This gets more interesting though. As your brain thinks it starts creating chemicals, whether its hormones or neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. These are then sent through your bloodstream all over your body and you begin to feel your thoughts. You have created feelings. Now you feel the way you think but as time goes on you begin to think the way you feel, and then feel the way you think and it goes on and on and on until your body has memorized how you feel and your brain has memorized what to think. You have just created a habit.

So now we know that you are a creature of habit how do we change?  To truly change is to think greater than your environment.  If you have created your brain to be how it is now then you can create your new brain to be how you want it to be.  Follow us on our journey, we will be posting strategies and little pick me ups to help you change and break your habits.

The hardest part of all of this is making the time to do it.

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