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To Love is to Be Alert

To Love is to Be Alert

My good friend and energy healer, Clayton told me to go for walks in nature more often. I originally just thought, “alright, that’s simple enough, I can do that!” What’s mind blowing is what it does to you.


When you go for a walk in nature, be it down a bike path through a ravine, along a river or a beach you may, at first have racing thoughts. As time goes on something incredible happened though. Your mind quiets down and you begin to feel alert. What I didn’t know though is to love you have to feel alert!

You have to be connected to everything around you. If your thoughts are racing how can you be connected, you’re a zombie running off of habit and you are missing the world around you! You have to be alert to smell the roses, literally!

If you’re walking or driving down the streets you are missing everything. Chances are you even forget that you’re driving until you get out of your vehicles. You get lost in your own trance you’re not aware of anything around you.

To love is to be alert, this way you are aware of what you can love. The cool thing about this though is... the more you love, the more alert you become.

Make a conscious effort to be more alert. In time you will be more alert to your relationships with your self and other, the flowers around you and even life.

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