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Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Ignorance is not Bliss...One just simply has to understand.

By understanding first out selves we can begin to understand others. It holds the saying, " To love others we must love ourselves" true. Being ignorant just causes more trouble.Think about this for a moment. We often criticizes others for what they do. More often we may even do the exact same thing others are doing without knowing and we are sending negative thoughts their way.

Learn to understand your own self before you judge others. Once you understand your self learn to understand others and you will learn that we all have a reason for acting the way we do. Some may be protecting their hearts, some may be protecting others and others may be confused on how to heal and cope in "healthy" ways for us to fit into todays society.

If you wish to understand your self, grow with us and take part in our strategies, I would also love to hear back from you, Please leave a comment.

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