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The Lion tamer

The Lion tamer

"This is a story that I once heard that has stuck with me and encourages me during difficult times. It goes like this:

There was a lion tamer who was conducting a show before a large audience of people. You could hear the whip hit the ground and you could see the lion following his trainer's commands. Then suddenly, there was a problem - the electricity went out; the tent went completely dark, seriously hampering the trainer's ability to see. The trainer remained calm and continued to give the lion commands and the show went on in the dark.

After the show, the trainer was interviewed about what happened and how he was able to keep things under control. The tamer replied that he had learned a valuable skill: When faced with a challenge, do in the dark what you would do in the light. The lion tamer knew he had to remain calm, because lions can see in the dark and they can sense fear, which could have turned into a disaster.

My message: ‘When faced with a challenge, do in the dark what you would do in the light.' Stay focused on your goals and remain steady." Contributing writer: Sam and Gwen Solomon.

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