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Emotions: Introduction to our Emotions and how Society has Perceived them

Emotions: Introduction to our Emotions and how Society has Perceived them

Our emotions control almost every aspect of our lives form guiding you when you should create a relationship or to when you should run into a burning house to save a strangers family pet. It is your emotions that drive us to succeed or fail in life, what ever your goal or desire is. They can be your source of motivation, or be there to tell you when to fight or flight. However our society doesn’t think of our emotions this way.

Have you ever felt angry or sad? How about envious or jealous? Have you ever had someone tell you to, “Stop being so sensitive” or, “man up”? What you feel are normal and healthy feelings that do have an upside but our society says, “hey! Wait a minute! Those are bad thoughts”. So you get it in your head that you are not a good person or there is something wrong with you. You then go to the doctor and they just give you some medication to cram down your throat to suppress and numb your emotions.

What if I told you right here, and right now to say, “fuck society”? What if I told you that these emotions that our society says are not positive or negative but are only how we make them out to be and, they are crucial to your survival, happiness and a clear mind. When your ancestors had a hungry sabre tooth tiger attack them it is their emotions that kicked into overdrive to help get them to safety and that is why you are here today surviving and even thriving!

You see your emotions like anger, shame, guilt, embarrassment, jealousy, envy, sadness fear, regret and so forth all the emotions that our society thinks are bad, however they can be used to extraordinary power if and only if you find the positive in them.

You see our emotions are the first step, our first though to how we actually feel and process our environment. We must learn to take control and learn to process our emotions in a logical way. If you read the article “How to Change” we explained that as we think or have an emotion they become feelings by chemicals produced in our brain whether it be hormones or neurotransmitters. If we can control our emotions we can control our feelings and further more control how we act and behave.

Changing our feelings takes a lot more then just sheer will power, trust me I know; we need to create strategies to help us to learn to become more mindful. As we go further into this blog we will look at different strategies to controlling our emotions, more how our brain works and ultimately a more in depth look at our perceived negative emotions and how can make them work with us and not against us.

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