Life's Alright

Josh has been practising energy work for as long as her can remember. He enjoys photography, psychology and helping others and volunteers as a fire fighter. He is currently studying Inspirational Leadership at HEC Paris and Water & Resource management at the University of Geneva.

The Gratitude Challenge

The Gratitude Challenge

Oh great another challenge. Life’s pretty challenging as is, I get it, and we have stresses of our jobs, relationships, putting up with our in-laws, etcetera.  What if I told you that this challenge was a bit different, what if it’s a challenge to reduce all that stress, improve your health, relationships, jobs and more! What if this challenge changes life for the better?

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Count Your Blessings

The first step to happiness is knowing what you have in life and what you can be grateful for. It's sometimes harder than you think to count your blessings but.. start small. Today I am grateful for my warm bed that I sleep in every night.

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The Parable of the Sand Castles

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I have found that so often we are depressed about the things going on in life and so we get into this rut of negativity that seems like we can never give out!  Choosing to love is the greatest power of all. If it wasn't for love you wouldn't be here, the thing you love and enjoy wouldn't be here, the very device that you are reading this on wouldn't be here because it is love that creates everything around us. If it wasn't for love the Earth would be a barren waste land.

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